Did you wonder what happend to me?

Well this couple of weeks was a roller coaster!  I just found out that I am pregnant!  Working full time I only have time at night to draw and blog but with the pregnancy I couldnt keep my eyes open,  all I want to do was sleep!

But dont worry I got lots of doodles and sketches to share so keep an eye out for them!

Who likes walking in graveyards at night?

Im in a bit of a spooky mood so I decided what about graveyards and crows?  Stay tuned for more updates.  Done on my Ipad with Procreate

The Lucky Lucy Fondation

I have been recently asked to do a Character design for the Lucky Lucy Foundation.  The foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals.

They wanted the design for a T-shirt which they will be selling to raise funds.  I am a huge animal lover and I jumped at the opportunity :D  Please go and visit their webpage and make a donation, it really does help!