Little sketch: child elf

I'm a huge fan of fantasy and I loved to draw and paint it but I moved away from the fantasy path.  Now I want to get back on the road and start drawing stuff that I love.   Here is a little sketch done in my iPad called child elf.     For videos and more go and sign up on my Patreon Page!  

Sketch: Mushrooms

Little sketch on the Ipad: Mushrooms
For high-res versions, WIP's and time-lapses, check out my Patreon 

Did you wonder what happend to me?

Well this couple of weeks was a roller coaster!  I just found out that I am pregnant!  Working full time I only have time at night to draw and blog but with the pregnancy I couldnt keep my eyes open,  all I want to do was sleep!

But dont worry I got lots of doodles and sketches to share so keep an eye out for them!